If there is something that has been bugging me for a long time it is this site. The previous site was simply horrible from design, seo and ux angle. I’ve been wanting to start blogging more about

  • My knowledge in seo and marketing
  • The projects what I’m currently part-taking
  • and just general things what I’m doing

I’ve been pushing this project further and further for the past 6 months. In my defence, I’ve been very busy running the gym, working and competing, so I haven’t exactly been lying in couch and eating cheetos.

On this weekend I took the “virtual chainsaw” and just tore down about 80% of old design. I just decided to start from clean table. Site isn’t 100% ready (all thought, I guess websites are never ready), but I like what I was able to accomplish in short period of time.

It was a long weekend, but definitely worth it!