For some reason, today I had a massive itch to write. It’s been over six months since I last wrote something here.I’ve been very fortunate to experience so many new situations. Life has been very exciting for me.

Here’s a quick summary of the things I’m working on.

Affiliate business

Our project, Casino Professor is doing well. About a month ago, we won the Best Affiliate Newcomer award at IGB Awards in London. That was a special night for us. It took only 7 months to get to this point. I feel really proud of this achievement. It is also worth mentioning, that positive PR is really good for SEO 😉

We also experienced a little bit of turbulence in January. Our site got negative SEO attack. For those who don’t know what a negative SEO means, it’s basically your competitors doing spam attacks on your site. This is done mainly by shady competitors trying to improve their positions in search queries by doing damage to their competitors.

We were able to fix the issue, but this attack taught me something. There’s always going to be competitors who want to take your spot. It’s a game of “I’m going to eat your lunch and what are you going to do about it“.
And in order to beat the competition, you have to keep improving and do your best to stay ahead of your competition.

I really love my work now. We have absolutely blast at working together and we’re constantly testing new and innovative staff. Also, the flexibility doesn’t hurt.

And this brings me to….

Being a Digital Nomad in Asia

This was something that originally got me into the world of online marketing. I wanted to have the possibility to work wherever I wanted to.

I and my business partners spent the whole month of January in Asia. We met up each other in Singapore on January 3rd. We spent few days in Singapore strolling around and then we traveled to Bali. We spent a couple of weeks together in Bali. We worked, exercised, had fun and just chilled.

After Bali, I flew to Thailand. I was so excited to go back to Thailand. It’s been 3 years since I left Bangkok. I was really looking forward seeing my friends and of course, train Jiu-Jitsu at Arete HQ in Bangkok. I was also going to meet my first SEO employer.

I decided to spend my first few days in Hua Hin. I used to go to Hua Hin for weekend trips when I was still living in Bangkok. I also wanted to visit my favorite Guesthouse. It was 3 years ago when I decided to move back to Finland, and that decision was made in that guesthouse. I still remember that night, I felt like a complete loser. I felt that I had failed myself. It felt almost surreal to sit in that same spot 3 years later. Looking back, it was just a necessary evil and it played a purpose.

After a few of days in Hua Hin, I took a bus back to Bangkok. It was amazing to see how much some of my old friends have achieved in the last three years. Most of them are running successful businesses and building wealth. It was very inspiring to see how hard they were working and improving.
Training Jiu-Jitsu in Bangkok was an awesome thing to throw in the mix. It was cool to train with Mitsu and Andrew after these 3 years.

It was nice to be in Asia, but I think this will be my last trip for a while over there. It’s time to start going to some new places. I’m already planning a trip to New York this summer.

Arete BJJ Malta will move to a new location

Finally, we found new place for our BJJ-team. The place is going to be well needed – we will finally have a space just for us. Our new place is located right in the hearth of Pacceville. In case you don’t know about Pacceville, it is The Bar Street in Malta. We will have showers and locker rooms and there’s regular weight lifting gym in the same complex.

This summer the gym will turn 2 years old, and what better way to celebrate it then to get our own venue.

I also had to get some people to help me out with running the gym. I’m really happy about the community vibe we have in our BJJ-group. People are willing to help out in order to keep the place up and running.

Learning how to handle my finances.

I’ve had my struggles in the past when it comes to handling money. I’ve never been good at saving or investing. This is something I wanted to improve for a quite long time.

It took just a single book to change my view on money. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is an outstanding book, that explains by examples of how differently poor people and rich people view money.

The most important lesson from the book was:

“Limit your liabilities and increase your assets”

The formula is very simple and very easy to follow. Get rid of your credit card debt and start investing that money to something that will produce more money.

It has been a year since I started working for myself

Wow! Time really flies! It has been a great year and I’m really happy where I am currently in my life. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to start relaxing more, quite opposite. Now is time to hammer the iron, since it is sizzling hot.