More than many times I’ve been scratching my head and wondering what kind of content should I produce to my dear Arete BJJ site. Realistically, I can sacrifice one full day every week to work my projects. Of course there are couple hours on weekdays when I can write piece of content, optimize the site or research new content ideas, but those couple of hours are not enough to really push out some solid content. Instead of working hard, I have to work smart.

Enter the video marketing

There are quite a few popular youtube channels, which produce interesting content related to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Some of the videos are amazing, not just how the videos look but also how the videos have been scripted.

Looking at statistical side of Youtube the stats are quite astonishing 

I decided to split my content production 70 % videos and 30 % of other content. First step was to get a camera. I bought a used GoPro 2 Hero camera and paid 100€. My video editing skills are quite limited as well as filming skills. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

The videos

First videos where just basic everyday material from the gym – sparring, drilling and so forth. You can watch the video below.

As you can see the quality is very poor. The reason for this is not the camera or my shooting skills(all though, that surely has an affect), rather it is the lack of light. The gym is built inside of a garage, so there is almost no natural light coming in.

Milano Challenge Vlog

For the next video, I actually put little bit more idea behind. In November 2016 I enrolled for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. I decided to a Vlog of the trip. And of boy was it awkward at first. Talking to a camera all by yourself felt pretty tedious at first, but shortly I got over it. It was a shame, that referees didn’t allow me to leave my camera on the side of the mat to get some footage of the actual matches, but all and over I was pretty happy with the results.

I made a tiny mistake on semi finals, which resulted 3rd place on the tournament. I was pretty upset of the losing, not for my opponent but to myself. Because of this I just couldn’t pick up the camera after the match. Watch the full vlog below.

Adding little humour Santa Claus vs Santa Claus Bjj-superfight

The idea of doing Christmas grappling video came into my head one night. I decided to organize a Christmas party for the gym. During the day we would have a session, where we would be sparring and wearing fake beards and Santa Claus hats.


This is the first video where I was quite happy with the result. Video is short and sweet, there is lot of action going on and when I watch it always brings a smile to my face. You can watch the Santa Vs Santa video below.

I was able to get the video published in Bjj Eastern Europe website. Even though I didn’t get link from them, I do consider this as some sort of an accomplishment. I also used the video for paid advertising in Facebook, and was able to get few enquiries because of that. Those enquiries turned also into paid customers.

Use The Jiu Jitsu, not force

During the Christmas holidays I went to see the new Star Wars movie. Seeing that catapulted an idea of creating somewhat Star Wars related short video. So, I created a video, where I’m throwing my belt on the ground. That’s nothing exciting, BUT if you reverse that video it actually looks like the belt is flying into my hand. I also put few euros on paid advertising in Facebook. The goal of the advertisement was to drive more traffic to the website.


Shooting videos is not the most time consuming part, although finding proper angle, lighting and writing a script might take a while, it is nothing compared to the editing. I’m currently using GoPro Studios 2.0, which is not great by any standards. I know Adobe Premier and Final Cut are the softwares, which many people vouch on, but I want to keep this light. If I get one of those softwares to myself, I know I will get sucked into a endless learning loop, which is not the point right now. Video Marketing efforts for Arete shouldn’t have too much learning involved, it needs to be as straight forward as possible.

I know for sure, that in a long run I will get better at shooting better quality videos, color corrections and so forth, but right now I can’t think about that too much. Now, I just need to push out the content, I am sure that the rest will follow.

Video marketing is fun in this context, I get my students engaged, they are always helping me with editing and shooting the footage. Of course, there is the seo value in it 😉